K & K Antique Restoration and Refinishing

All of our repairs are done by hand with time-tested techniques and the highest quality materials. We can match a finish on your current piece or apply a new finish of your choosing.

If you have a piece in particular that you're interested in having refinished, repaired, or even a custom piece to be built, Contact Us and we will let you know what exactly we can do for you.


When it comes to finishes, we realize the color choices can seem endless. The popularity of painted, distressed, and glazed finishes has broadened. From the finest furniture to the highest quality cabinets, all pieces are finished in multiple steps.

Using only high performance finishes, we apply our high-end multi-step wood finishing system to each and every job. We also provide hand-applied finishes as well as waxing, French polish, and oil finishes.

In short, from traditional stain, to antique distressed, to hand applied we have it covered.

Veneer Work

When re-veneering becomes necessary, due to damage to your furniture, we use an "Old World" method to make the repair.

We seep glue into the damaged areas and then iron them flat to provide the highest quality of repairs.

When the area is too damaged, in order to salvage the veneer, for integrity, we use a double sided fine quality material.